Colin Mitchell Artwork

Cave Painting

36" X 48"

Acrylic, Liquid Light photo emulsion, Printer's ink, Oil Pastel, Oil Stick and Macerated Flower Petals on Canvas

1999 (ish?)

This started life as a planned photo piece which I coated with Liquid photo emulsion and exposed light onto while standing in front of it to create a Ray-O-Graph, but it didn't work properly; I think the emulsion was applied in too light a coat. A few years later I found some tubs of commercial printer's ink in a dumpster diving excursion and made the hand prints, which gave me the idea to create layers of hand-signs on the piece. There are a variety of hand signs ranging from shadow puppets, to code signs and sign language in there. Then, my (now) wife gave me flowers and when they started wilting I decided to try a caveman trick, chewed them up and spat them on the canvas around my hands to leave a negative imprint of it. They tasted super gross.

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