Colin Mitchell Artwork

Digeridoo - Aphex Twin

20" x 24"

Oil Pastel and Sharpie Marker on Paper


I think this was the first of my floor, music drawings. I would tape it down to the floor, light candles, cue up the song on the stereo with my headphones ready and the box of oil pastels beside me, close my eyes, choose a pastel for each hand and then hit play on the stereo remote. The music would be all absorbing and I would reactively draw how the music felt, as if the music was flowing through my arms onto the paper. The magical part would come when I found myself focusing more on what one hand was doing than the other, and the "free" hand which I wasn't focusing on would just float on it's own to the music, giving some beautifully lyrical passages of line. When the song ended, I went back in and drew the "Start" and "Finish" points on this drawing, but didn't always do that. Most people see these as scribbles. I got some funny looks when I showed these... actually I was asked to take my drawings down from a restaurant when I showed a group of them. I can laugh about it now. Ha.

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