Colin Mitchell Artwork

Floral Horse Head

Lifesize: Approx. 18" x 30" x 10""

Cotton Fabric, Sock, Felt, Yarn, Embroidery Thread and Hypo-allergenic Polyester Filling


This was actually my prototype for the brown horse head which ended up being given as another Opus Secret Santa gift for a different coworker/friend. This pattern worked quite well for the style too. I loved the idea of making a gruesome, yet cute and cuddly decapitated horse head pillow, while also making it a piece of sculpture. I call these my "Huggable Sculptures", or "Gourmet Stuffies". I like the contrast balancing between high brow Art and consumer items. The idea grew, and I've made a few more pieces along these lines.

N/A - In a Private Collection. I can make more on request; fabric patterns will vary.

details below: