Colin Mitchell Artwork

Journey to the Start of the Universe

11.75" x 15.25"

Acrylic, Silver Duralar and Collage on Cradled Panel


This panel started life as a Tea Chest in which tea was shipped from Sri Lanka. There was a fun semi-circle cut out of it, and I wanted to figure out some way to use it, which just wasn't coming to me, and for the longest time I was unhappy with this work because it was missing something. Finally I realized what it needed, and it turned out even better than I pictured it in my head.

In the magnifying lens is a painting of the first Hubble Deep Field photograph, taken just after the Hubble telescope's lenses were repaired. They pointed the telescope at the darkest area of the sky in which no light had ever been seen and took an image - what came back was a photo of thousands of galaxies; just mind-blowing. It always fills me with such awe to see those images, and to try to grasp just how big the universe is, that we found thousands of galaxies in a little pin-speck of black sky where we thought there was nothing. Boom!

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