Colin Mitchell Artwork

Mellow Yellow

8' x 8'

Acrylic, Oil Pastel, Spray Paint and Tar on Canvas


There's a funny story connected with this painting about me almost flooding my neighbour's studios at U of L with paint while making this work. It involved a lot of very fluid paint being poured down the face of the work, and I didn't think it would travel like it did, so after I'd poured about a litre or more of paint I heard my fellow student in the studio two spaces over from me start to squeal about the river of paint flowing through her studio. Luckily I had some canvas scraps, and I ran into her studio to mop it up. I was doubly fortunate that there was nobody in the studio right next to mine at the time, and that they had nothing on the floor of either studio which could be damaged by the paint. After mopping up the spill, I fashioned a trough for the bottom of the painting to collect the paint, which was great because then I could just scoop it up and pour it back on the painting, thereby saving paint!! I don't think my neighbour was too impressed with me, even though nothing was touched by the river.

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