Colin Mitchell Artwork

Notre Dame de Paris

This is a very difficult painting to document, as the interference colours shift with your viewpoint; so here are a couple inadequate images to give a tiny bit of a feel for the painting and the shifting light of it. It really has to be seen in person to fully experience it properly.

24" x 24"

Acrylic and Collage on Cradled Panel


I had been working on this piece and planning what to do with it in a background sense (but with no definite direction in terms of an image), when news broke that the cathedral had suffered a fire. I went down to my studio to commemorate the event on a painting, and this was the only one for which I didn't already have a definite direction, which also had the necessary space. After commemorating the event, I resumed painting what I had planned out, and it was eerie how well it all fit together. Nothing else was necessary.

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