Colin Mitchell Artwork

The Study of Postmodern Painting

48" x 52"

Mixed Media on Canvas


This was my last painting from the U of L. A rather blatant nod to Basquiat, but what the hell. When my roommate and I moved into our townhouse that year, we got an invitation to enjoy some subscriptions to an assortment of periodicals which was obviously begun by the previous tenant. I realized immediately that the previous tenant had been pulling their legs, as the name it was addressed to was completely ridiculous. I felt that I had to carry the tradition on, so I subscribed (with no intention of paying) to the four magazine limit I was offered. I picked the most absurd ones I could find, and every other month I gleefully collected my copy of "I Love Cats" from our mailbox. The other publications realized I wasn't going to pay after the first issue, but "I Love Cats" just kept on coming. The canvas is layered with copies of "I Love Cats" underneath the painting, and if you look closely, you can find a postmark with the name it was addressed to.

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