Colin Mitchell Artwork

Three Days

Approx. 30" x 36"

Mixed Media on Canvas


This one had a background conceptual element to it (which many of my works do) which was more central to the theme than many of my other works. After building the canvas and priming it, I gave myself three days to complete the work. While working on it, I listened to the same Jane's Addiction tape over and over. One side had "Nothing's Shocking", and the other side had "Ritual de lo Habitual" - two classic Jane's Addiction albums; "Ritual..." having on it, of course, the song "Three Days" (this has become a somewhat subconscious habit of mine - to listen to the same piece of music continually at a certain point in the painting process). I was also curious with this painting, if a work was created in a certain state of intoxication, whether it would resonate differently when not intoxicated, or conversely whether certain elements would resonate more strongly when viewed under the same intoxicant.

This work eventually went to a friend in California; he was a big fan of Jane's too, and told me that he and his partner got some pretty heavy vibes from the work when listening to their music and being under the influence of the same intoxicant. Unscientific, but curious.

N/A - In Private Collection

detail below: