Colin Mitchell Artwork

Acrylic Paintings

Aristarchus of Samos was the first person to go on record stating that the earth orbited the sun, and calculated very accurately, the size of the Earth in the 3rd century BC - that's pretty bad-ass. Very little else is know about him. (On a side note, this is painted on the canvas I made for the Opus canvas stretching video - find the link in the "Video" section of my page)

This piece was a private commission.

A wedding present for my cousin.

The young man in the painting is vehemently opposed to shark hunting, and on a school trip to Victoria he espied a restaurant which he thought he recognized as being on a list of businesses which still continued to serve shark-fin soup. It took a remarkable amount of self-restraint to keep him from going in and expressing his feelings, so he contented himself with holding an impromptu vigil outside on the sidewalk. I'm sure in his mind he held the sign and loudly voiced his protest.

A fun piece which resulted from a family trip to San Diego - Legoland and the Zoo.

This painting is a companion piece to a self-portrait photo which was digitally manipulated.

Started just before discovering that my wife and I were going to have a child, this piece was put on hold for almost a decade before being resumed and completed even better than originally planned thanks to the wait.

Inspired by a beautiful, enormous piece of BFK Rives paper.

I learned about La Puerta de Hayu Marca through a friend who desperately wanted to visit the unusual site in South America and shared his curiosity with me and inspired me to do some research which led to this work.

This work caused me intense grief, torment and sleepless nights; to the point that I ended up needing to cover it with a drop sheet for several years while being on the wall of my studio in order to not see or think about it, thereby letting ideas silently percolate in my brain about how to resolve the troubles I was encountering with how to complete the work. One of my personal favourite works as a result of the troublesome labour pains it caused me. I am still working on an audio component to accompany the work.

During The Second World War, my Grandfather was stationed in India where he took many photographs. Later in his life, many of the prints were damaged, so as a form of restoration and preservation I undertook to paint some of the images.

Painted/carved en plein air while visiting Paris. I vividly remember another tourist coming and grossly invading my personal space while working on this piece, and then acting disturbed and insulted when I suggested that she was out of line. A funny memory.

Painted in Portugal near Sagres, where it was widely believed circa the 14th Century that the world ended.

A short distance from Avignon, France is located the Roman aqueduct known as Pont du Gard. Unfortunately we missed the morning bus to take us there and had to catch the next bus which wasn't until the late afternoon, giving us a very short window in which to visit and paint the site. As a result, we never actually got to go down to the viaduct itself. We had to pack up quickly, so the painting is technically "unfinished", but I quite like the state it ended up in, and I consider it to be quite finished.

This work marks a turning point in my art. A bridge between my "pre" and "post" formal education work.

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