Colin Mitchell Artwork

Graphite Drawings

A pencil study for the painting of my Grandfather's photo

I needed somewhere to put my teabag, so I used a piece of paper in my studio, then later saw the face of Mahakala, a Buddhist deity in the tea stain, so I drew it partially in. I enjoy occasionally making Rorschach-type works which allow viewers to project what they see onto a work - suggesting rather than dictating.

Drawn on a camping trip to Chilliwack Lake in the hills near our home.

What better way to spend time than to draw your loved ones. My Daughter napping with her brother's stuffed elephant. She woke up seconds after I decided I was done.

My Grandfather sleeping just days before he passed away.

The continuation of a series.

The second work in an ongoing series.

I had the idea for a series of works in which I symbolically donate used clothing items to Jesus. Relating to the way we give hand-me-downs to clothing shelters, or the homeless. Cast-offs for cast-offs in a sense. All the drawings are copies of Matthias Grunewald's "Isenheim Altarpiece", a work which I have not yet had the good fortune to see in person, but must one day see for myself.

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