Colin Mitchell Artwork

Mixed Media Photography

This is a digital montage of the drive-through tree in the Northern California Redwood Forest. I'd heard about it when I was a child, and had always wanted to visit it since. It was quite a thrill to be able to travel with my family and find it as an adult, and be able to share the magic with my children.

Another digital montage from our visit to the Drive-Through Tree, Redwood Forest, Ca.

A digital montage of the beach outside San Luis Obispo, Ca.

This is a digital montage of the Aircraft Carrier USS Midway, in San Diego, Ca.

Taken on a family trip to San Diego Legoland and the Zoo.

An analogue photomontage of an image taken by the Mars Rover contrasted with a blue Earth sky image

An archival digital inkjet collage, printed on Archival photo paper and a digitally-treated acrylic skin.

An analogue photomontage. The scotch tape was deliberately used to contrast with the apparent preciousness of photographs, but I may remove it if I come across the piece. I no longer feel that need to deliberately sacrifice some of my art.

A digital montage of my daughter, taken moments after being born.

An analogue photomontage of a golf-course after about a week of very heavy rain.

An analogue photomontage of a psychedelic Conference-Hall carpet, taken at a friend's wedding in Toronto, On.

An analogue photomontage of the beach at San Sebastian, Spain.

An analogue photomontage of the Alhambra, Granada, Spain.

An analogue photomontage, taken immediately after stepping off the bus at the beach in Peniscola, Spain... sounds like the name of the worst drink ever.

An analogue photomontage of Gaudi's masterpiece, Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain.

An analogue montage of the city of Florence (Firenze), Italy.

This photo was taken at the castle in Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic, then flipped, with both images being printed twice and pieced together.

An analogue photomontage, taken in Prague, Czech Republic

A series of Polaroid photos, taken with my Land Camera, and mounted with the negatives on 5 canvas with an encaustic/acrylic painted background. The lesson here is "if you don't know something shouldn't work, it will work out fine"

A darkroom "Ray-o-graph" self portrait made up of 9 sheets of RC photo paper adhered to each other.

Obviously inspired by Marcel Duchamp, a photo of a "signed" urinal (in a McDonalds restaurant). The printing process is quite interesting for this piece...A liquid, light sensitive photo emulsion product called "Liquid Light" is brushed onto the surface (in this case, a canvas), allowed to dry, then printed in the traditional darkroom manner. The canvas was specially built to fit exactly in the rotating door into the school darkroom.

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