Colin Mitchell Artwork

Oil Paintings

As the title states, this was a 15 minute painting. An experiment which had good results.

In 1997 I took a great photo of Scott Marshall, lead guitarist of punk band Belvedere, and instantly knew I was going to use it in some manner or other. Drifting off to sleep one night, I thought of the pun in the title and the painting instantly appeared in my thoughts of a Godzilla-sized Scott leaping over downtown Tokyo (which is a still from the original Godzilla movie) in a destructive fury. Puns and visual jokes abound in this work.

The shadow of my son in the foreground suggested the title for this work, as in my eyes, it looks like the shadow of a monk in prayer.

Just painting at the table with my wife one night, and this was the result.

One of the photographs of my Grandfather's time in India was the source of this painting. The photo is absolutely sublime, and worthy of the greatest photographers.

Among the photos left behind in my Grandfather's collection I found a photo of my 6 year old Grandmother playing on the beach, and there was perfect space around her for me to superimpose a photo of my children partaking of the same timeless activity.

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