Colin Mitchell Artwork

Pricing Guide

Payment can be made with credit card using the Square App, or alternately you can click on the Saatchi Gallery link at the bottom of this page and make a purchase through their website (not all works have been uploaded to Saatchi)

In order to keep my pricing consistent, I price it by the square inch (sq. in.). For small works up to 450 sq. in. (approx. 18" x 24") I ask $2.50/ , works between 450 sq. in. and 1250 sq. in. (approx. 36" x 36") are $2/sq. in. and anything larger than 1250 sq. in. I ask $1.50/sq. in. in order to keep the pricing a little more affordable.

To find the price of any work on my site simply multiply the length by the width and multiply that answer by "2.5", "2" or "1.5" for the corresponding sq. in. pricing listed above.

Works labeled "(framed)" come framed, for which an additional cost will need to be calculated. Generally, adding about $100 to the calculated price will give a good approximate, but please email me for a more precise amount if you're interested.

Shipping not included in pricing. Contact me for an estimate

For freestanding sculpture pricing please email me an inquiry (on average it will be calculated by using: "l" x "w" x "h" x $2.5).