Colin Mitchell Artwork

The Meaning of Life

6 panels each approx. 6" x 6"

Mixed Media on Cradled Panels

1999 - 2018

The reason for this piece taking almost 20 years to make is simply because it was packed away securely when I moved before it was complete, and wasn't opened again for almost 20 years when I then remembered that I hadn't entirely finished the sides.

I have always thought sculpturally, so I like to incorporate 3-d into my 2-d works, and this one expanded on that idea even more. It can be displayed traditionally as 6 paintings horizontally on a wall, or as a stack of paintings creating a sculpture. Depending on how it is displayed, the focal point changes drastically. My intention with these works however, is for them to be individual works, and to eventually be split from one another, going each to a different home. They are not sold as a group.

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