Colin Mitchell Artwork

This site is more of an Online Portfolio for the storage and viewing of my art than a Website per-se. There is nothing fancy or flashy (get it?) about it. Pure utilitarianism. I invite you to view my work by following the links above.

Unless otherwise noted, all works are available for purchase; please feel free to write me an email at the address below if you are interested in purchasing or exhibiting my artwork.

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I have always been a visual person; I need to see something in order to focus and learn, I need to read for myself rather than simply be told information, and I am always visually analyzing whatever is around me. Building is also an innate part of my identity, and I am always making or modifying things in an effort to satisfy my creative impulse or improve the function and/or design of objects.

I received my BFA (Bachelor of Fuck All with distinction) from the University of Lethbridge in 1999, and have been exhibiting work in numerous group and solo exhibitions in Vancouver, and elsewhere throughout BC since graduating. I have been a guest instructor at Elementary Schools and taught publicly on many subjects. My work is in public and private collections around the globe.

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